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New Things!

Thankful for some exciting premieres that have taken place in the past two months, including the first performance of my orchestral piece, Breath, conducted by Tjeerd Barkmeijer and featuring off-stage solo string players: Amelia Dew (violin 1), Phillip Rousiamanis (violin 2), Anthony Jones (viola), and Joseph Dawson (violoncello). The piece was formed from an idea of expressing a sense of breath, and coming and going. I wanted to create a sensation of this happening spacially and physically as well as sonically. The work opens with the off stage first violin and on stage first violin passing notes from one to another, which grows throughout the orchestra. Mid-way through, the off-stage and on-stage cellists play a duet, from back to front and the work closes as the opening but in reverse, ending with the off-stage solo violin 1. Video can be seen here:

Secondly, I was given an opportunity to write a film score for the 1920's film Entr'acte by Rene Claire, for the RNCM's "Le Chien Andalou" silent film concert as part of the French Connections festival. The film was originally scored by Satie. Instrumentation featured electronics and mixed ensemble. This was the first time I've written film music for a project of this scale, and it was loads of fun! I hope to write more music for artsy film projects of these kind!

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