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Eternal Light

Commissioned by Filipino artist Mart Henry Bongabong for the new painting series ‘Mamlakah’.

Performed by violinist Mirjam Bartol. Recorded in London, U.K. January 2023.




IRIDESCENT FLARES_titleimage.jpg

for Orchestra & Live Painting

These works are an ongoing series of orchestral pieces inspired by the idea of light striking crystal and releasing bursts of iridescent colour and shapes into the atmosphere.  Music appears in this way, emerging from total darkness through my personal sense of synaesthesia.  This is expressed through collaboration between

orchestral composition and painting practice, connecting both art forms.  The anatomic layers and sections of the painting are exposed from the beginning to end, evolving and forming with the progression of the piece.

The completed work of art can be thought of as a remembrance, preserving the musical experience onto canvass as a more permanent art form and capturing the time-based nature of music in its structure.  

The pieces may be performed as stand alone works if live painting is not possible.

RNCM Brand New Orchestra, April 2018

Conducted by Peter Woffenden.


for Orchestra & Live Painting

RNCM Brand New Orchestra, October 2019

Conducted by Riley Court-Wood.


for Orchestra & Live Painting


for Orchestra & Live Painting

London Symphony Orchestra,  March 8, 2021

Conducted by Jack Sheen

Breath, for Orchestra
Premiered by the Royal Northern College of Music Brand New Days Orchestra, conducted by
Tjeerd Barkmeijer, with guest leader Benedict Holland. Thank you as well to the wonderful offstage strings players Amelia Dew, Phillip Rousiamanis, Anthony Jones, and Joseph Dawson, and my tutors Adam Gorb and Gary Carpenter.


for Orchestra

This piece was written with the intention of exploring spacial aspects of sound and the orchestra.
The work opens with off-stage string soloists that connect with

on-stage soloists and sections within the orchestra.

This technique is used throughout to create a sense of sound moving from back to front, over and also through the audience.
A sense of breath, wind, and movement is meant to be felt physically as well as sonically.

Premiered by the Royal Northern College of Music Brand New Days Orchestra, conducted by Tjeerd Barkmeijer, with guest leader Benedict Holland.  Also featuring offstage strings players Amelia Dew, Phillip Rousiamanis, Anthony Jones, and Joseph Dawson, 



for String Quartet

Incandescence - Lux Quartet
00:00 / 00:00


This is a work for string quartet in collaboration with painting. It has currently been developed into three movements and performed with live painting.

The composition came first, with an idea of capturing and expressing bursts of colour and light.  

I created the still painting in response to the piece to convey the music in a visual way.  

First performed by  the Lux Quartet: Helena Logah, Philippos Rousiamanis, Peter Hartley, Alice Luddington at the Royal Northern College of Music,  July 2017.


for Soprano Saxophone & Piano

Comissioned by David Zucchi

RNCM Spotlight Concert: Style Transfer, December 3rd, 2019

Saxophone (Poppy Philigreen), Piano (Celia Denore Lopez)

This piece was inspired by the concept of solar eclipse,

when the sun is momentarily blackened, causing 

 temporary darkness on earth.  


Light disappears for a moment

and is revealed again over time.


for chamber opera

A man and a woman living in two separate worlds fall in love while discovering each other's existence although they can not see each other.  

The Woman: Vanessa Guinadi

The Man:  Ralph Thomas Williams 


Soprano: Lucy Farrimond

Mezzo-Soprano: Flora Birkbeck


Violin - Gemma Bass

Viola - Nadia Eskandari

Trumpet - Gary Farr

Trombone - Raddon Stephenson

Percussion - Dan Nolan

Clarinet - Katherine Blumer

5 New Operas, Manchester Contemporary Youth Opera,

Friday, September 9, 1:30pm, 5:30pm, 7:30pm,

International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester, UK


for string quartet

Fluxes, for string quartet has to do with flow and sudden change.  It was performed at the Mining Institute in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, at the annual Northern Chords Festival by the Manon Quartet.


Fluxes (excerpt) - string quartet
00:00 / 00:00



for solo piano

This piece was inspired by an idea of glistening light on water and the Hungarian Sea, a land locked lake in Hungary.  


Commissioned for the RNCM Piano Day, June 2017

Performed by soloist Zijun Xu, Concert Hall, RNCM, Manchester, UK


When Light Dances Upon the Hungarian sea - RNCM Piano Day, Zijun Xu
00:00 / 00:00


for singing solo viola

This piece was written from a concept of connecting viola and voice, performer and instrument as one.  

The work consists of two parts which at times break off into separate elements and conjoin again. 

Each line crosses over one another, creating a fluidity of roles.  Both viola and voice are treated as equal, yet still unique in character.   

First performed in May 2018 at St. Stephen Walbrook Cathedral, London, UK.  Commissioned and performed by Katherine Clarke.


for solo cello

First performed by Ovidiu Marinescu in November 2020 at First and Central Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, Deleware, U.S.A.  This piece explores light and reflects awaking and emergence after a period of sleep.







Lady of the Woods (ca. 5'06") 2021


Iridescent Flares III (ca. 3'30") 2019


Iridescent Flares II (ca. 2'40") 2019

Iridescent Flares I (ca. 6'30") 2018

Breath (ca. 10' 30") 2017

Wind (ca. 1' 4") 2013


The Hummingbird Flew Home (ca. 1'20") 2021

chamber orchestra ​


Incandescence I, II, III  (ca. 18') 2019

string quartet


The Colours of Passing Memory (ca. 10'30") 2019

flute and clarinet

Ultraviolet (ca. 7') 2019

soprano and string quartet

MIRAGES 1 (5'15"') 2019

bass clarinet quartet, contrabass clarinet, carnyx, electronics,

projection, live painting


Crystal Eclipse (ca. 8'20") 2018

soprano saxophone and piano


Transference (ca. 5' 53") 2017

soprano, violin, violoncello


Castle Hill (ca. 5' 45") 2017

soprano, string quartet

12 Tides  (ca. 5')  2016

wind quintet

V - Inspired by Musica Ricercata No. 5 Ligeti (ca. 5')  2016

wind quintet

The Shore at Dawn (ca. 5' 20") 2016

2 classical guitars, soprano

Duet for Violin and Piano (ca. 1' 55") 2015

Fluxes (ca. 4' 30") 2015

string quartet

Ruins (ca. 5') 2015

2 flutes, piano, violin, violincello

A Story With No Words  (ca. 5') 2013

2 flutes, glockenspiel, piano, acoustic guitar, 2 sopranos, violin, violincello 


Mamlakah - Renaissance (ca. 11') 2023

solo violin


MamlakahEfflorescence (ca. 3'45") 2023

solo violin


Mamlakah8 works for solo violin 2022

Eternal Light (ca. 3'35")

Convalescence (ca. 2'23")

Presence (ca. 2'33")

Crystalline (ca. 2'30")

Emergence (ca. 3'08")

Hidden Flame (ca. 3'28")

Destine (ca. 2'23")

Ascendance (ca. 2'40")

Crystal Flame (ca 5'55") 2021

solo viola

First Light  (ca 10') 2020

solo cello

Five Miniatures for Solo Bassoon  (ca 13'52") 2020

solo bassoon

Ultraviolet Exposure  (ca 5') 2019

solo accordion

Intertwined  (ca. 7' 15") 2018

singing solo viola


When Light Dances Upon the Hungarian Sea (ca. 2' 05") 2017

solo piano

Still (ca. 3' 35") 2015

solo piano


Arrangements of Norwegian Folk Song

Over de Hoje Fielde (ca. 7')  2018

Sovenen (ca. 7')

Acapella voice trio: SSA

A Breath (ca. 3' 15") 2017

mezzo-soprano and piano

Flood (ca. 6' 10") 2017

SSAATTBB (and solo voices)

Dawendine (ca. 3' 30") 2017

soprano, mezzo soprano, flute, piano, violincello

Ways of Being (ca. 4') 2014

bass and piano


The Hidden Veil (ca. 8') 2018

mixed ensemble


Entr'Acte (22') 2018 

mixed ensemble and electronics, for silent film

Light and Shadow (ca. 15') 2016

solo cello and live painting

Shaken (ca. 4' 20") 2017

for clarinet, cello, dancers

choreographed by Callum Green, Royal Northern Ballet

MOTUS 2 (ca. 60') 2016

for spoken word, soprano, bass, SATB, flute, shakuhachi, piano, bass, snare drum, dancers (solo and group choreography)

MOTUS 1 (ca. 45') 2015

for spoken word, soprano, violin, piano, female dancer, digital projection

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