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In collaboration with composer/pianist/organist Dennis Tjiok


Gallus Theater, Frankfurt, Germany


​Filmed by: Alex Sto

Music by: Dennis Tjiok

Dancers: Sarah Wunsch, Sophia Wunsch

Vocals/Text/Story Telling: Kevin Oakes


My process involves capturing moments of 'chromaesthesia' (sound to colour synaesthesia), revealing glimpses of visual elements in music.   

To me, this is a world consisting of many iridescent, moving, colourful shapes and lines emerging from darkness.   These are unique not just to individual notes but especially to intervals, timbre, dynamics, rhythm, texture, ext.   Combined, these elements create a vast, moving image.


 I am interested in how the components of music and the elements and principles of design correlate.  Also in how the element of time, which encapsulates music can merge into the practice of painting and visual art, normally  a "still" art form.  It is only possible to present small moments of this experience, as by the time I able to paint one stroke the music has already moved on to a new place.  The end result of a live performance could be thought of as a visual memory or remnant of a piece and/or concert.  The main objective being to create an experience where an audience is able to watch this representation of synaesthesia unfold before their eyes.