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'Iridescent Flares III' for Orchestra and Live Painting. LSO Panufnik Composer's Scheme Performance.

Very excited to share the performance of my work, 'Iridescent Flares III,' for orchestra and live painting, performed by the LSO as a composer on the Panufnik Composer's Scheme (2019/2020). The workshop/performance was postponed by a year when the U.K. went into lockdown one week before the schedualed date.

I am happy that for the first time, the final performances are online where you can watch the live painting in response to the piece as well!

The painting is a synaesthetic representation of the music, as I see it personally, as bursts of moving, iridescent shapes and colours. This concept also inspired the title of the series, 'Iridescent Flares,' and I hope to create an indefinite number of these works throughout my life.



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